Travel to Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is located on the island of Crete, approximately 60km to the east of Heraklion - the major city on the island. The best way to reach Agios Nikolaos is to arrive by plane or boat to Heraklion and then take a bus, share a taxi (price 50 Euros), or rent a car. Efforts are being made to find a convenient time so that a bus may take the majority of the participants from the airport directly to the hotel.

To Heraklion by plane: Heraklion (Airport code: HER) can be reached from the mainland Greece by plane with direct flights from Athens, Greece (ATH) in ~40min or from Thessaloniki (SKG) in ~50min. Both Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines offer a number of flights to Heraklion daily. Direct charter flights from northern Europe are also available, especially during the tourist season (April - October). Travelers from the United States may opt to fly to Athens and then get a connecting flight to Heraklion. To our knowledge the only airlines that offer direct flights to Athens, Greece, from the US is Olympic from New York City (JFK) and Delta. You may wish to contact your travel agent for more information.

To Heraklion by boat: One can also reach Heraklion by boat from Athens daily, in approximately 8hrs. There are four ferries per day, two departing in the morning and two in late evening. For more information on prices and schedule check the web pages of the two main lines: "ANEK Lines" and "Minoan Lines".

If one needs to spend an evening in Heraklion, a list of hotels is available here.

Social Events & Excursions

On Sunday the 28th of May from 6:00pm to 8:00pm the registration will take place at the conference center of the hotel. An informal reception/cocktail will follow at the hotel around 8pm.

On the evening of Tuesday the 30th May, the conference dinner will be held (more details on the location soon). All participants are welcome to join. The price for the meal is already been included in the registration fee.

On Wednesday, May 31st, all participants are welcome to join a complementary daily excursion to Phaestos, Gortys and Matala to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. We will depart at 9:00am and return to the hotel around 7:00pm. There will be no sessions on that day.

More activities and excursions before or after the conference will be available. Possibilities for various excursions during the conference for family members and/or friends who may join the participants will be available. Details will be presented in this web page.

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V. Charmandaris