Galaxy Evolution with Spitzer and Herschel

Conference Program

In the following we present the program of the oral contributions for the conference. Review talks are indicated with (R) and normal talks with (O). All talks include 5min for questions. All other contributions will appear as posters.

Sunday 28 May 2006
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18:00 20:00 Registration
20:00 21:00 Welcome cocktail
Monday 29 May 2006
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8:00 8:50 Registration
8:50 9:00 Welcome
9:00 9:30
G. Fazio
R Highlights of science with Spitzer/IRAC
9:30 9:50
E. Xilouris
O Early-type galaxies observed with ISO Spitzer
9:50 10:10
N. Kylafis
O IR emission and SF in spiral galaxies
10:10 10:30
A. Jones
O Cold Dust Emission at Long Wavelengths
10:30 10:50
R. Siebenmorgen
O Dust emission from starbursts: SED models for observers.
10:50 11:20     Coffee Break
11:20 11:50
J. Houck
R Highlights of science with Spitzer/IRS
11:50 12:10
D. Dale
O Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Nuclear and Extra-Nuclear Regions in Nearby Galaxies
12:10 12:30
J.D. Smith
O The PAH emission Spectrum of Star-Forming Galaxies
12:30 12:50
K. Seth
O The 3-D IRS view of SINGS galaxies
12:50 13:10
M. Haas
O Spitzer IRS Spectroscopy of 3CR radio galaxies and QSOs
13:10 13:30
D. Lutz
O IRS view of distant infared galaxies
13:30 17:00     Afternoon break
17:00 17:30
G. Rieke
R Highlights of science with Spitzer/MIPS
17:30 17:50
D. Burgarella
O What did we learn on LBGs from Spitzer ? What hopes from Herschell ?
17:50 18:10
S. Chakrabarti
O The Evolution of Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions: Radiative Transfer Calculations From Merger Simulations
18:10 18:30     Coffee Break
18:30 19:00
S. Madden
R Dust Properties and PAHs in low-metallicity environments
19:00 19:30
C. Struck
O Triggering and Tempering Star Formation in Colliding Galaxies
19:30 19:50
P.-A. Duc
O Dust enshrouded intergalactic star formation
19:50 20:10
P. Appleton
O Galactic Smashes and Shocking Behavior in Pairs and Groups:-Near (z = 0) and Far (z = 1).
Tuesday 30 May 2006
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9:00 9:30
V. Charmandaris
R Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies with the IRS on Spitzer
9:30 9:50
A. Alonso-Herrero
O Infrared and star formation properties of local luminious IR galaxies
9:50 10:10
H.W.W. Spoon
O On the nature and distribution of obscuring dust in ULIRG nuclei
10:10 10:30
K. Dasyra
O QUEST: A QSO/ULIRG evolutionary study in the near (and mid) infrared
10:30 10:50
M. Imanishi
O AGNs in nearby ULIRGs revealed through Subaru 3-4 um and Spitzer 5-35 um combined spectroscopy
10:50 11:20     Coffee Break
11:20 11:40
G. Risaliti
O 3-5 micron VLT spectroscopy of AGN in ULIRGs
11:40 12:10
A. Franceschini
R Galaxy Evolution through infrared surveys
12:10 12:30
C. Lacey
O Modeling galaxy evolution in the IR in the framework of CDM
12:30 12:50
C. Gruppioni
O Galaxy and AGN Evolution in the MIR: a combined Spitzer and X-ray view
12:50 13:10
J. Huang
O IR properties of the galaxy population at z=1
13:10 13:30
M. Page
O The nature of X-ray absorbed starburst QSOs and the QSO evolutionary sequence
13:30 16:00     Afternoon break
16:00 16:30
M. Rowan-Robinson
R Review of the SWIRE results
16:30 16:50
I. Waddington
O Galaxy clustering in the Spitzer SWIRE survey
16:50 17:10
C. Baugh
O The clustering of dusty galaxies
17:10 17:30     Coffee Break
17:30 17:50
S. Andreon
O The buildup of stellar mass and the 3.6 micron luminosity function in clusters from z=1.25 to z=0.2.
17:50 18:10
E. Hatziminaoglou
O Infared constrains on AGN tori models
18:10 18:30
A. Georgakakis
O The mid-IR properties of X-ray selected normal galaxies: star-formation or hidden AGN?
18:30 19:00
T. de Graauw
R Herschel-HIFI capabilities for extra-galactic science and planned GT observations
19:00 19:20
F. Boulanger
O The Molecular Hydrogen Explorer (H2EX) Space Mission
20:30       Conference Dinner
Wednesday 31 May 2006
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9:00 19:00     All day excursion to Phaestos, Gortys and Matala
Thursday 1 June 2006
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9:00 9:30
N. Scoville
R Scientific results from the COSMOS project
9:30 9:50
D. Sanders
O First Results from the S-COSMOS Survey
9:50 10:10
H. Aussel
O Star Formation and the Cosmic Web
10:10 10:30
H. Teplitz
O Ultradeep Spitzer IRS Spectroscopy in the GOODS Southern Field
10:30 10:50
V. Desai
O Spitzer IRAC/MIPS survey on the Bootes field
10:50 11:20     Coffee Break
11:20 11:50
A. Poglitch
R Extragalactic science with PACS/Herschel
11:50 12:10
M. Rieke
O Deep Survey Results from Spitzer and Herschel: Setting the Stage for First Light Searches
12:10 12:30
G. Helou
O Mid-IR spectroscopy of galaxies near and far
12:30 12:50
L. Yan
O Mid-IR spectroscopy of high-z IR luminous galaxies
12:50 17:00     Afternoon break
17:00 17:20
E. Le Floc'h
O ULIRGs at high redshift: the Spitzer perspective
17:20 17:40
A. Bunker
O Evolved Galaxies in the First Billion Years: the Universe at z>5 as seen by Spitzer
17:40 18:00
D. Elbaz
O The infrared crisis: too much violent star formation ?
18:00 18:20
R. Quadri
O The nature of massive galaxies at z~2.5
18:20 18:40     Coffee Break
18:40 19:10
K. Caputi
O The nature of the sources composing the mid-IR luminosity function at z~2
19:10 19:30
T. Webb
O Spitzer observations of distant red galaxies
19:30 19:50
J. Stevens
O Biased galaxy formation in the fields of high-redshift AGN
19:50 20:10
E. Egami
O Spitzer Observations of Submm/mm/Radio sources in the Lockman Hole
Friday 2 June 2006
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9:00 9:30
M. Griffin
R Science with SPIRE on HERSCHEL
9:30 9:50
T. Waskett
O Review of Heschel capabilities for deep surveys
9:50 10:10
C.M. Bradford
O Interstellar medium diagnostic at high redshift -- prospects for terrestrial and space-borne platforms
10:10 10:30
T. Greve
O Molecular Gas in the Early Universe: New Insights from Low and High-z
10:30 10:50
C. Maraston
O Ages and Masses of high-z galaxies
10:50 11:20     Coffee Break
11:20 11:40
C. de Breuck
R Review on ALMA
11:40 12:00
E. van Kampen
O Galaxy evolution in the infall region of clusters
12:00 12:20
J. Colbert
O Star-formation and masses with the z=2.38 filament
12:20 12:40
L. Moustakas
O The Emergence of Massive Galaxies as seen with Spitzer and GOODS
12:40 13:00
D. Rigopoulou
O Mid-IR properties of lyman break galaxies
13:00 17:00     Afternoon break
17:00 17:30
S. Warren
R UKIDSS and Galaxy Evolution
17:30 17:50
L. Spinoglio
O A Herschel survey of local galaxies activity (HERLOGA)
17:50 18:10
F. Pozzi
O The bolometric output of luminous obscured AGN
18:10 18:30
H. Dole
O Spitzer and the Cosmic IR Background
18:30 19:00     Coffee Break
18:40 19:20
M. Harwit
R Conference Summary

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