Galaxy Evolution with Spitzer and Herschel

Poster Presentations

In the following we present a list of the poster presentations.

Presenter Poster Title
Dr. M. Aravena (Bonn, Germany) COSBO: the 1.2 mm imaging survey of the COSMOS field
T. Babbedge (Imperial, UK) Luminosity functions for galaxies and quasars in the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extra-galactic (SWIRE) Legacy survey
P. Beirao (Leiden Obs., The Netherlands) Spitzer mid-IR spectroscopy of the starburst galaxy M82
Dr. P. Chanial (Imperial, UK) The size, temperature and luminosity relation in galaxies at FIR wavelengths
Dr. E. Chatzichristou (Nat. Obs. of Athens, Greece) TBD
Dr. K. Chiu (Univ. of Exeter, UK) Recovering the peak of the quasar/active galaxy epoch using the near- and mid-infrared
Dr. G. Clayton (LSU, USA) Dust Around Type II Supernovae and Red Supergiants: A Key to Understanding Primordial Galaxies
Dr. F. Galliano (NASA/GSFC, USA) Dust evolution and its impact on the SEDs of nearby and distant galaxies
Dr. F. Galliano (NASA/GSFC, USA) PAHs ionization in PDRs and galaxies
Dr. I. Georgantopoulos (Nat. Obs. of Athens, Greece) Spitzer Photometric Observations of type-2 QSOs in the Chandra Deep Field South
S. Gromoll (SUNY, USA) Measurement of the comoving mass density of stars as a function of cosmic epoch from precision Spitzer photometry of faint galaxies
Dr. M. Hitschfeld (Koeln, Germany) A HERA 12CO2-1 map of M51
Dr. M. Imanishi (NOA, Japan) Millimeter interferometric follow-up of infrared-selected buried AGN candidates
Dr. E. Krmpotic (MPIA, Germany) Uncovering the ignition tracks of star formation in interacting galaxies
Prof. K. Lanzetta (SUNY, USA) Measurement of the comoving mass density of stars as a function of cosmic epoch from precision Spitzer photometry of faint galaxies
Dr. V. Lebouteiller (Cornell, USA) PAHs as a tracer of star-formation, the small-scale test
Dr. G. Magdis (Oxford, UK) LBGs mas/luminosity function
Dr. A. Martinez-Sansigre (Oxford, UK) The multi-wavelength properties of high-redshift obscured quasars
Dr. D. Marcillac (Arizona, USA) Mid infrared properties of local and distant infrared luminous galaxies
Dr. D. Marcillac (Arizona, USA) The star formation history of luminous infrared galaxies
E. Murphy (Yale, USA) The Role of Star Formation Activity on the FIR-Radio Correlation within Nearby Galaxies
Dr. M. Relano Pastor (Grenada, Spain) Interstellar dust distribution in dwarf galaxies and its relation to star formation
Prof. M. Rieke (Arizona, USA) Instrumentation for NGST
K. Schawinski (Oxford, UK) Evidence for a critical supermassive black hole mass regulating galaxy evolution
Dr. N. Thatte (Oxford, UK) SWIFT: an integral field spectrometer for Palomar
Dr. D. Thomas (Oxford, UK) Observational constraints on AGN feedback in elliptical galaxies
M. Trichas (Imperial College, UK) GMOS spectroscopy of selected SWIRE galaxies
Dr. Y. Tsamis (UCL, UK) Chemical models of star-forming regions in luminous IR galaxies
Dr. M. Vaccari (Padova, Italy) The Nature of Faint Submm Galaxies : Matching SHADES and SWIRE Sources
Dr. J. van Duyne (Yale, USA)
Dr. A. Verma (MPE, Germany) Rest-frame optical-UV properties of high redshift LBGs: Young Galaxies in the Early Universe
Dr. Z. Wang (CfA, USA) Mid-Infrared Observations of Merger Galaxies NGC 6240 and NGC 6090
Dr. Y. Wang (Arizona, USA) Binary Aggregation Models of Galaxy Evolution
Dr. S. Willner (CfA, USA) The 8 micron Galaxy Luminosity Function and the Local Star Formation Rate Density
Dr. S. Wuyts (Leiden, The Netherlands) Constraining stellar populations and stellar masses of galaxies at z>2 with Spitzer/IRAC
Dr. E. Xilouris (Nat. Obs. Athens, Greece) Modelling of the ISM in the Milky Way
Dr. X. Zheng (MPIA, Germany) Stacking galaxies at z<1 with MIPS

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